How do you know when it’s time?

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For months now I have struggled with this feeling of really wanting to quit but not knowing what that means to me, my colleagues and the boss. The organization will always be alright, they will just advertise the position and find a quick replacement.

As someone who has worked on both sides I am guessing the biggest fear is the security or lack thereof. When you get used to this employment setup it makes you fear the struggle. It makes you weak and afraid of facing the world out there as a man. I was once fearless, entrepreneurial and always coming up with new ideas. Right now I feel like all I do is respond to requests, I am not allowed to create, critique or even conceptualize. It feels like prison, I may never have seen the insides of a guarded prison but am pretty sure this is what lack of freedom looks like.

To all those friends of mine out there who managed to make the leap, how did you do it? How did you overcome the fear of the unknown and the hurdle of the comforts that come with a salary at the end of the month. A very good one for that matter. Am pretty sure my fellow young people out there will read it and wonder what the hell is wrong with me. They will probably say God blesses those who don’t see their blessings. And to some extent they may be right. If I woke up today and quit my job to pursue my dreams my family would be the one to call me crazy.

One thing is for sure, when I decided to leave the business world albeit partially and join the employment route I was at a crossroads with myself and my choice of a career. I was a young man full of desire, with creative juices flowing freely and with no fear of anything. I had with me the vibrance of my youth and the vision of a sailor believing that storytelling would be my source of bread. Don’t get me wrong storytelling is what got me the job I have today. It’s what’s taken me all over the world and shown me what a beautiful experience life can hand you if only you believe in your abilities. But now I am back to where I was a few years back. Conflicted, at a crossroads and at war with myself. I feel sick. I feel lost, but also harbor some fear of what is to come if I choose to jump ship.

So this morning, my good friends, I ask, When is it time to face your fears? When do you write that letter and face yourself and allow the inner you to freely express themselves? When is it the right time to quit your job and follow your true passion? Am waiting for your answers even as I debate within myself on the best way to go about this. But until then let me work on this presentation.

Lunar 2

A rare glimpse of the partial lunar eclipse above Nairobi

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So two days ago as everyone was pregnant with expectation with regards to the Kenyan election, I was chilling watching Game of Thrones and drinking some Uji when I got a tweet from one Mr Sitati telling me of the beauty above the skies of Nairobi. Of course I rarely take pictures at this hour (8pm>) but having my beautiful baby IS II canon 70-200 mm I had to go out and try my hand at it.


The result, a few breathtaking pictures of my little escapades are here for you to see. Let me know what you think.

Lunar 5


Corporate Communications

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Working with IREX International has taught me about the true value of Quality in your work. Coming from a background of Customer first and Cash later, I now more than ever believe a successful business is one that knows its client, knows their needs and listens to them.


The H_ART and Soul of Kenya’s New Age Music

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Kenneth Muya, Wachira Gatama and Mordecai Mwinyi met at the Kenya National theatre back in 2014. This colorful three have since made Kenyans talk to shoes even as they looked into the eyes of adoring fans melting h_arts with tunes such as uliza kiatu, nikikutazama and their recent collabo with the queen of feels herself Dela Maranga. If their new song featuring Bensoul is anything to go by then we are bound to get H_ART even more come 2017. For those of you who have bought sheesha once or twice this is yours. #Utapatananaye


Young Visionary Leadership

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Born in Ghana, Sangu’s childhood home was a refuge for victims of torture and violence from neighboring Liberia and Sierra Leone. Sangu graduated from Harvard with highest honors in African Studies and Economics. At Harvard, Sangu co-founded cleanacwa which today is currently working to bring clean water and sanitation to over 200,000 people across 120 villages in Ghana.

Convinced that the real needs of communities can best be met through entrepreneurship, in 2008 he founded an investment holding company, Golden Palm Investments (GPI) to fund promising start-ups that can have social impact and generate jobs. GPI has backed startups such as Solo Mobile in Nigeria, mPharma in Ghana/Zambia/Cote D’Ivoire and Stawi Foods in Kenya.  GPI has also built a portfolio of greenfield companies in healthcare, real estate, and financial services.

Sangu has received several international accolades including being named Africa’s “Young Person of the Year” in 2014, selected as a 2014 TEDGlobal Fellow, named one of  Forbes’ top 30 most promising entrepreneurs in Africa in 2015 and Euromoney’s “Africa’s Rising Stars” award for “outstanding individuals and power brokers who are changing the financial, investment and business landscape in Africa.”